Calix stands for quality and sustainability. 

We supply electrical vehicle heating solutions which is the most environmentally friendly way to heat up vehicles. There are many ways to heat up vehicles, but it is still common to use fuel heaters, also known as parking heaters or diesel heaters. Even hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are sometimes fitted with fuel heaters. We think this is wrong. You can make an environmental difference by choosing an electrical heater over a fuel heater.

Read more in articles below about fuel heater emissions (in Swedish):

Environmental policy

At Calix we are constantly working to improve our products, including the environmental aspects. Calix is an environmentally certified company (ISO 14001), which means we always strive to have a minimal environmental impact, and strictly follow the regulations and requirements prescribed by the market.

Calix must comply with applicable laws, regulations and other regulations as well as work preventively against pollution, negative sustainability impacts and by managing transport, energy, raw materials and other natural resources. In addition, the market’s requirements must be complied with and preferably exceeded.

All employees must, through participation and responsibility, work actively, with knowledge and in a good spirit, so that established goals for efficient use of resources and continuous improvements are achieved, followed as sustainability is improved.