Employee measuring parts with measuring instrument


All Calix products are tested in our SEMKO-certified laboratory, where we simulate the most extreme conditions a car may be subjected to. SEMKO is an independent testing institute and certification body, and their tests ensure that our products maintain the highest level of quality possible. 

Calix has its own certification laboratory to carry out SEMKO testing. In the laboratory we can simulate extreme conditions that your vehicle might be exposed to. In combination with field testing on our customers’ premises, this results in our being able to further improve and develop safe and reliable products.
Calix endeavors to always fulfil the automotive industry’s stringent requirements in terms of car heating equipment, and we fulfil both  IATF 16949  and Ford Q1: a certificate that is only issued after very stringent inspections! 

In short, when you choose Calix, you get an environmentally-adapted quality product you can rely on!  

Our customers recognize our high-quality products and service.

Some of the awards that Calix is proud to have received are the Volvo Cars Quality Excellence Award, General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award and the KGK Supplier Award. These prestigious prizes are awarded to suppliers that meet the expectations for quality, efficiency, and innovation – qualities that are highly valued at Calix.

A picture of awards given to Calix AB. General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award, Volvo Cars Quality Excellence Award, and KG Knutsson's Supplier Award.