Calix AB is the result of innovative thinking and hard work. For more than 20 years, Calix has been one of the largest European manufacturers of electrical engine heater systems and it all started in Eskilstuna, Sweden. 

Calix AB is a union of two Eskilstuna companies with fine old traditions: Nickelbolaget i Eskilstuna AB, founded in 1891, and AB Carl Särenholm, which was founded in 1893. 
Nickelbolaget AB’s Gottfrid Carlsson started the business in 1891. The company’s initial output consisted of spittoons for trains. Later they switched to producing camping stoves and cooking utensils for the armed forces and a range of other products made of nickel and silver. 
AB Carl Särenholm was founded in 1893 with a lathe as their only machinery, and their very first output consisted of drawing sets and instruments. At the beginning of the 1930s, however, the company expanded considerably, and a large proportion of their production was then directed towards carrying out subcontract work for the armed forces and other large assembly plants. 
In 1974, the business moved to the Vilsta industrial district, where a new factory unit was built. This was a family business until spring 1976, when it was acquired by Nickelbolaget i Eskilstuna AB. With this merger, the name Hasselfors Preciform AB was adopted. 
In 1990, two companies with their own production of car accessories were acquired: Athlet AB in Eskilstuna, which manufactured load carrier systems (a production process that was later transferred to the plant in Vilsta), and Autoform AB in Malung, where the product range comprises roof boxes and luggage compartment mats. The load carrier systems were subsequently sold to AB Klippan Oy in Finland in 2002. 
In 1992, it was decided to split operations into two companies: Calix AB, manufacturing car heating products and load carrier systems, and Preciform AB, handling all subcontracting activities.  

Calix is always striving to meet the demands of the current market while also looking toward the future; the Eskilstuna company has since expanded into power handling and has developed a range of products geared toward hybrid and electric vehicles.