Oil heaters

Oil heating for vital components – We have a range of oil heaters dedicated to heat axles and transmissions. We also have heaters for hydraulic oil heating.

For many decades, Calix has been a world leader supplier of electric engine heaters to the automotive industry. An acknowledgment that the company has managed to develop and maintain this position is as a system supplier to, among others, the construction industry through the well-known brands John Deere, Massey Ferguson, Challenger, Fendt and Claas.

A safe and approved Calix cable system is mounted in production together with engine heaters. There is no news that most of the manufacturers, in addition to traditional engine heaters, also has electric heaters for gearboxes, pumps, axles, etc. Thanks to this, Calix has produced a number of variations of oil heaters with low surface effect designed for oils in transmissions or engines.

The purpose with the oil heater is to improve the quality of the oil at low temperatures, which positively reduces wear on components such as pump etc.