Engine heaters

A warm engine lowers the fuel consumption – A engine heater has many positive effects. By avoiding cold starts you cut down on fuel consumption, resulting in reduced carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon emissions. The colder it is outside, the more you gain by using an engine heater. A engine heater is good for your car, good for the environment and saves you money.

We have developed heaters that fits most vechicles, brands and models. We have developed various types, from basic contact heaters that in very easy to install on the outside of the engine block, to hour high performance hose heaters which provides optimal heating using a internal thermostat and circulation pump.

Contact heater

Contact heaters are easily installed. The heater transfers heat to the contacting surface and maintains a good temperature of the engine. All Calix heaters are model-specific and comes with installation instructions and mounting brackets.

The conatct heater is the best choice if you want a easy and fast installation.

You find your heater in the search section, by selecting your vehicle, make and model.

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Insertion heater

A insertion heater is normally a very good choice if possible to install. The heating elements are inserted into the engine block and fixated with a mounting screw. Very high efficiency, very low losses makes the insertion the preferred choice in demanding conditions.

All Calix insertion heaters are model specific and comes with a detailed installation instruction.

You find your heater in the search section, by selecting your vehicle, make and model.

Thermostat heater

Calix Thermostat heater is a hose heater with build in thermostate. The cooling fluid is routed with houses from the engine block throught the heater and back into the engine block.

The Calix thermostat heater provides many advantages. It doesn’t need to be switched on all the time which saves money and spares the environment. The heater can also be connected to an engine with operating temperature which means longer service life. It can be connected during long period and will not overheat due to the built-in thermostat.

The heater is suitable for many applications but is specially developed for rescue services vehicles such as ambulances, police vehicles and other types of emergency services vehicles that must always be ready to start, usually for unplanned emergency turnouts and assignments.

The heater can replace all hose mounted heaters with the model numbers RE480 (Ø16 mm) and RE485 (Ø19 mm), which are common standard recommendations. For specific recommendations, visit www.calix.se.

The built-in thermostat maintains temperature between 50°C and 80°C with an output of 550 W. The heater is S-marked for extra safety and security.

RE 855T (Ø16 mm hose connection) – Part No. 1855500
RE 878T (Ø19 mm hose connection) – Part No. 1857800

Performance Heater (PH)

Insertion heaters cannot be used for certain vehicles, such as certain construction machinery, tractors, lorries and, in exceptional cases, some passenger cars. The Calix PH heater is our Hose heater series that can support high output requirements.

This heater is connected to the cooling system outside the engine block using a hose connection (20 mm). As with the insertion heater, the PH is based on the self-circulation principle and fulfils all requirements that can be set for a heating system. Our thoroughly-tested PH engine heaters are equipped with an overheating guard and a thermostat and are supplied complete with a plug-in connector and connecting cable.

Forced Circulation Heater (FCH)

Calix Forced Circulation Heater (FCH), with PTC element, is a hose heater with an integrated circulation pump that spreads the heat faster and more evenly in the engine, making it more efficient. Additionally, the FCH is easier to install compared to a heater with a separate circulation pump as FCH is more flexible in the positioning of the heater.

Developed and produced in Sweden.

Supply: 230Vac

  • Heater element: PTC, 550W @-20°C
  • Protection class: IP-46
  • Pump capacity: ~8l/min
  • Hose connection: diameter 16 or 19mm
  • 65 x 90 x 115 mm
  • Self-resetting overheat protection at +120°C

Part number:
1710000 FCH Ø16 KIT
1710010 FCH Ø19 KIT

Continuously Variable Heater (CVH)

Calix Continuously Variable Heater (CVH), is a hose heater with a PTC element, that adjusts the heating performance gradually when the cooling water temperature increases.

The performance of the heater is 500W and can be increased up to 750W with Calix circulation pump system. The CVH is designed for engines with 4 up to 16 litre cooling system.

CVH 230V
CVH Ø 16 – Part No.: 1762020
CVH Ø 19 – Part No.: 1762060

CVH 115V
CVH Ø 16 – Part No.: 1762025
CVH Ø 19 – Part No.: 1762065

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