Engine heaters


Engine pre-heaters, MKMS cable sets and GL branching cable kits are the only items that cannot be used for all makes of car. Other Calix accessories are suitable for most makes of car currently on the market. To choose the correct product for your vehicle, use the product search, or contact one of our dealers.

You will need to adjust the connection time depending on the outdoor temperature. Recommended times are:

At +10°C approx. 1h
At 0°C approx. 1h
At -10°C approx. 2h
At -20°C approx. 3h

Calix also produces various models of timer for controlling connection times. For additional information see our products in the menu.

No, this is no good. Engine pre-heaters are not designed to work with a ‘pulsating’ voltage, as this results in an abnormally short service life. The product warranty is voided if pre-heaters are connected to a ‘pulsating’ voltage.