Cable system

Calix cable system is tailor made for your needs.

We have developed a complete system of cables. Our system consists of main supply cables, inlet cables and extension cables. The cables are especially made to withstand the stress in the engine compartment including wear, temperature fluctuation, dirt and liquids.

Main supply cable

The main supply cable is supplying power from the grid socket to the inlet socket on the vehicle.

Main supply cable 115V
MS 2.5 (2.5m), PN: 1762622
MS 5.0 (5.0m), PN: 1762624
MS 5.0 GFCI (5.0m), PN: 1762617

Inlet cable

Our inlet cables are seamlessly integrated into the front of the car. There are several ways of fitting the connector: either fix it in the car using the retainer clamp, or drill a hole using a hole saw (see Tools, accessories and spare parts), into which you then place the expander. The Inlet cable connects to the engine block heater, onboard battery charger, cab heater.

Calix inlet cable is available in the following lengths:

Inlet cable 115V
MK 0.5 (0.5m), Part no: 1762500
MK 1.0 (1.0m), Part no: 1762501
MK 1.5 (1.5m), Part no: 1762502
MK 2.0 (2.0m), Part no: 1762506

Extension cable

Calix extension cable is available in the following lengths:

Extension cable 115V
SK 0.5 (0.55m), Part no: 1762130
SK 1.0 (1.0m), Part no: 1762131
SK 1.5 (1.5m), Part no: 1762132
SK 2.0 (2.0m), Part no: 1762133
SK 4.0 (4.0m), Part no: 1762152

Cable kit, MKMS

Cable kit MKMS contains:
Main supply cable MS
Inlet cable MK
Assembly kit

Calix MKMS kit is available in the following lengths:

MKMS 1025 (MK1.0 + MS2.5), Part no: 1762468
MKMS 1525 (MK1.5 + MS2.5), Part no: 1762585
MKMS 2025 (MK2.0 + MS2.5), Part no: 1762586

Multiple socket, 1-3

Multiple socket GU 405, Art. nr: 1762425